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If we are only interested in razing the US$ 200/year to sponsor the web page, then we don’t have to go through any extra trouble to register any company. Only if we traffic more than CDN$ 30,000/year are we obliged to do so. Selling of merchandise is also possible with no registration, also as long as the net profit is under CDN$ 30,000. Since I doubt we’ll reach that sum in any given year, it’s safe to say that we’re definitely not required to register anything, especially considering that the registration process costs CDN$ 1,500.
As for the supporters contributing to the cost of the site, it is much appreciated, but from our point of view, it would be much simpler for a company or two to send US$ 200 once a year, than to have to collect $5 here and there, although that would eliminate the banners. Another point is, I don’t know about Caz, but I would prefer if supporters did not have to contribute… you guys are fans, this web page is for you, therefore you shouldn’t have to pay for it.
We’ll see what we can work out, and we’ll keep everyone posted. What is for certain is that we’re going to make this site the envy of all other sites