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Am fost furat azi in amicalul cu danezii din Copenhaga! Iar DANEZII….

Sportul Studentesc 1916 – Copenhagen FC 03 1 – 4

Date: 9/24/2003 at 10:00
MatchID: 9696386
Arena: Sportul Studentesc 1916 Arena

At Sportul Studentesc 1916 Arena, 1807 punters turned up, and despite threatening clouds at the horizon, no rain came. Studentesc had chosen a strategic 4-5-1 formation. Lineup: Cederstad – Melinte, Tobã, Nitulescu, van de Broek – Hägerhall, Toftvang, Toma, Tone, Akki – Henriksson.

CFC03 had chosen a strategic 3-5-2 formation. Lineup: Ciceri – Priske, de Ruiter, Golia – Serra, Steenberger, Galisteo Del Val, Bryde Andersen, Almby – Zunic, Knutsson.

Studentesc seemed to prefer attacking in the middle. In the 7:th minute Fredrik Henriksson almost put the home team one ahead on a cross pass coming in from the right, but the shot went wide. Fredrik Henriksson hit the ball just perfect in the 14:th minute and could score for Studentesc with a fab long shot to 1 – 0. In the games 28:th minute the visitors levelled to 1 – 1 as Francisco Galisteo Del Valle struck home on a bar rebound, following a shot from the right. Studentesc seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion about the organization of the team. In the games 39:th minute CFC03´s Isak Almby missed an opportunity to put his team one up from the penalty spot, later claiming that ”the floodlights blinded him”. CFC03 took the lead in the games 39:th minute with 1 – 2 after some elegant plays down the middle. Kim Knutsson was the scorer. The teams went for a half-time break at 1 – 2. Studentesc, bringing the final ball possession rate to 53 percent, dominated the battle.

The Studentesc players spent the half-time break getting a rerun of the teams tactical organization. Alexander Cederstad kept the home side in the game with a magnificient save, as Isak Almby delivered an almost perfect free kick to the far cross bar. CFC03s Leonel Serra got himself booked after a foul. Petru Melinte the unlucky victim, couldn´t continue the game. Studentesc seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion about the organization of the team. Some fine manouvering on the left lead to an 79:th minute CFC03 goal, making it 1 – 3. Kaj Steenberger was noted down as the scorer. CFC03 had, after 80 minutes of the game, worked the left side industriously, creating several opportunities to add to their lead, but somehow didn´t achieve closure. In the 85:th minute Studentescs Jonny Hägerhall received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. After 89 minutes a combination in the middle resulted in a through ball for Zvonko Zunic who increased CFC03´s lead to 1 – 4. The fortyfive minutes were dominated by CFC03, with an impressive 59 percent possession of the ball.

Most important Studentesc player was Dinu Tobã. Marcus Jansson was a disappointment, however. CFC03´s best player was Leonel Serra. David Priske on the other hand, had a terrible day. The match ends 1 – 4.


Terraces: 1235
Basic seats: 452
Seats under roof: 100
VIP seats: 20


Team Attitude: Normal


Sportul Studentesc 1916
Copenhagen FC 03


Sportul Studentesc 1916
Player rating and Team formation
Midfield: weak
Right Side Defence: passable
Central Defence: excellent
Left Side Defence: passable
Right Side Attack: weak
Central Attack: weak
Left Side Attack: inadequate

Copenhagen FC 03
Player rating and Team formation
Midfield: weak
Right Side Defence: weak
Central Defence: weak
Left Side Defence: poor
Right Side Attack: weak
Central Attack: inadequate
Left Side Attack: poor


Paolo Ciceri 2.5 *

David Priske 0*

Nils de Ruiter 2 *

Erik Bryde Andersen 0.5 *

Tiziano Golia 0*

Leonel Serra 2.5 *

Francisco Galisteo Del Valle 1.5 *

Kaj Steenberger 2.5 *

Isak Almby 1.5 *

Kim Knutsson 2*

Zvonko Zunic 1.5 *


Alexander Cederstad 2.5 *

Marcus Jansson 1.5 *

Dinu Tobã 3.5 *

Costin Nitulescu 2 *

Geert van de Broek 2.5 *

Jonny Hägerhall 1.5 *

Gigi Toma 2.5 *

Ovidiu Tone 3.5 *

Kalil Akki 2*

Ralph Toftvang 1.5 *

Fredrik Henriksson 2 *

E prea de tot sa bata aia cu 4-1 la mine acasa!!!!