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Depending on server capacity we might keep some of the images in full 3.1Mpix in case some viewers would like to download and print them. In any case however, since the focus of the new design is efficiency, once the pictures are uploaded, a script will generate a 150k “full screen” picture and a 5k “thumbnail”, and immediately upload it to the site. This way, viewers only need to download the full screen pictures of their choice. Finally, at a later date, when the webmaster gets the chance he can review the pictures and decide weather a high resolution version should be kept, which will then also be available through a link.
As for the stats of members, I will put together a script that can calculate what you’ve suggested so far and anything else you can come up with. At this point it would take the webmaster hours to create statistical web pages, however once the script is compiled, it can generate statistics on the fly.
Thanks again for all the suggestion, and keep them coming.