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As we attempt to switch servers, it has become obvious that more space and more bandwidth will definitely cost more money. As this site is non-official, all funds so far have been inquired by the hobbyists, whom we owe gratitude to. There are companies that will pay for ads posted on the webpage to relive some of the cost, however, since most such companies will only pay for US related sites, we don’t qualify.
How feasible is it to find perhaps Romanian companies to sponsor this web page. We were thinking to include a 468X60 banner ad in the design (non pop-up) to raise as little as US$ 10 – 20 per month. It’s simple, if we only find one sponsor; their ad will remain on the page 100% of the time and would cost them the full US$10 – 20 per month. If there were say 10 sponsors, the ads will rotate at a frequency of 30 seconds thus giving them an equal exposure of 10% of the time and it would cost them only US$1 – 2 per month. So the question is, would anyone be interested in sponsoring the page, do any of you know if that’s even feasible or if you know any companies interested? Let us know.