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WSEU Head Coach Eduardo Badescu Awarded Professional Contract in Europe

Published Thursday, June 28, 2007

WSEU is extremely excited to announce that WSEU Head Coach, Eduardo Badescu, has been contracted to be the Head Coach a Professional Soccer Team in Romania for a 1 year term. Eduardo has accepted this offer with Sportul Studentesc Bucharest and has already left for Romania.
WSEU is very grateful that Eduardo will continue to be involved with WSEU on a part-time basis while overseas. During his absence, Mr. William Rosales will assume the responsibilities of Club Head Coach. Mr. Werner Mueller and Mr. Constantin Ignat will be working closely to administer the curriculum design by Eduardo. Eduardo is one of the first, if not the only, Canadian to be offered a professional Head Coach position in Europe. WSEU is extremely proud of this accomplishment and offers its unconditional support in making this a successful year for both Eduardo and his new club.

In his absence please direct all technical correspondence to William Rosales at Please direct all administrative requests to
For more information please contact Reid Davies at

Eduardo’s new club can be found on the internet at
During his absence, Eduardo can be reached at

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